It’s not us, it’s you.

It's not us, it's you

The two-day weekend was pioneered by none other than Henry Ford who basically wanted to sell more cars, and of course to give Christians and Jewish people their respective day of worship off. Over the pond, the UK was already running at a three-quarter weekend as factory workers were given Sundays off, but Brits who overindulged decided to take it upon themselves to not show up for work on the Monday. To combat this so-called ‘Saint Monday’, employees were also given Saturday afternoon off, assumingly so people could get a head start down the pub.

Skip forward a century and in comes the three-day weekend with the same principles as our friend Henry’s – give people more time off so they’ll buy more stuff. The economy is saved and everyone is driving around in their brand-new Ford while sipping a Costa coffee with money to burn.

The prospect of a three-day weekend is something that not only scares employers, but also employees. At a time where people are tipping cooking oil into their car fuel tanks and smuggling alcohol into festivals in bottles concealed in umbrellas, how on earth could people pay to entertain the kids for three days straight? Weekends are expensive enough so by increasing them by 50% does not magic up the cash live like a Kardashian.

So while the two-day weekenders of us wait for the economy to recover thanks to the lavish lives of our three-day friends, off to work we go.

At August Bridge we see the benefits of the three-day weekend for employees that have been trapped in a culture of clock watching and inflexibility, but that’s not what we are all about. We understand people have lives and the dog doesn’t know not to throw up and need to go to the vet only outside office hours, there’s family events that can’t be missed and flexibility goes both ways.

If you’re currently in a role where you’re feeling like you would rather undergo invasive surgery than go to work on a Monday morning, it’s time for change, however long the weekend is.

At August Bridge you’re not whitewashed of your personality when you walk through the door on day one and made to feel like a corporate clone. From the chain smokers to the marathon runners, the technical geniuses to the ones that can destroy the company website just through logging in, we are all part of the same team with the same goal: Delivering the best level of service to our clients.

It’s business, but with a family feel, where we can laugh, be ourselves and know we have each other’s backs. If that doesn’t appeal to you, then it’s not us, it’s you.