July 2022 Update

August Bridge lands in the UK

With a growing UK client base, August Bridge opens its office door in Duxford, Cambridgeshire, with Nick Collard as Managing Director.

Established and thriving in The Netherlands, August Bridge provide consultancy and advisory services within the realm of document output management. The company has extensive knowledge and experience regarding Microsoft Dynamics 365, Infrastructure, business processes and the Lasernet product suite.

Located in Duxford Officers’ Mess with its historic building and ease of access to Cambridge’s IT hub, August Bridge pride themselves on the quality of the consultancy they deliver. This simple ethos of guiding their clients with a best practice methodology, built upon decades of experience has seen the company experience rapid growth since their conception.

“August Bridge was established back in 2020 by co-founder Bart Koopman and myself. On our first day of operation, we were put on a national lockdown due to COVID. Concerned what the future had in store, we carried on regardless. We saw our client base grow instantly as what we offer is unique; a level of service that no one can match. 

Two and a half years on we decided to invest in the UK by opening up an office with a growing team based out of Duxford. We are very excited to see what the future has in store,” said Monique de Wit, Co-founder, August Bridge NL.

Nick Collard, managing director, August Bridge Ltd. added: “Having worked alongside Monique and Bart for several years in a previous role, I was excited by the opportunity to replicate their success in the Netherlands, here in the UK. August Bridge Ltd have already acquired some large UK based clients and I’m looking forward to stewarding the company’s future growth. 

What I think is truly unique about August Bridge, aside from our quality of service, is the fact we are not just another company banding around exaggerated stories and jumping on the latest digital transformation buzz words. We believe in talking a common language, ensuring the best outcome for our clients. For me its all about long term relationships, rather than transactional ones”.

We all know security is important

…and now you can be assured Lasernet is also resilient with the recent release of Version 10. Formpipe have primarily focused on security with their latest release, performing in-depth penetration test as part of the pre-release process.

The Lasernet config server now also acts as a relay proxy, reducing the communication footprint between client apps and the server itself. In addition to this, Azure AD support with multi-factor authentication provides a secure, yet simplified way to manage user access and credentials.

And yet, it’s not just all about security…

Version 10 also removes the dependencies to have locally installed printer drivers and fonts, making it easier to work with the Lasernet Developer. The new Printer Service app simplifies managing your cloud print with less dependencies or being able to Synchronise your client app version with the Lasernet Server, without consideration, making life easier when working remotely.

There has never been a better time to start planning your upgrade, so don’t hesitate in contacting August Bridge on how we can support you.

Mark Stevens, Director of Operations Private Sector, Formpipe, endorses August Bridge. What is there if there isn’t trust?

A wise man once said “Keep your promises and be consistent. Be the kind of person others can trust”. Whether it’s a professional or personal relationship, there’s nothing without trust. 

This is something that was echoed by Mark Stevens, Director of Operations Private Sector, Formpipe, when asked: “What is the most important thing about the relationship between August Bridge and Formpipe? Trust. Trust in the ability to deliver an exceptional service to the end-customer.”

Nick Collard, Managing Director, August Bridge Ltd. nods in agreement. “The relationship between Formpipe and August Bridge is unique. Both organisations are working towards the same goal – ensuring our customers have the best document output management processes available. Formpipe is committed to software development, while August Bridge focus on delivery and services. Each company is doing what they know best.”

So along with trust, what else is crucial to such a close relationship between two companies? Mark continued: “Flexibility is also essential – there needs to be an understanding and empathy that a Dynamics ERP implementation or major upgrade is a significant customer journey. In most cases, the full details are not known at the beginning, but the team at August Bridge has experience, expectation and empathy, and a key part of their role is to guide the customer through this in order to maximise their benefit and value from implementing Lasernet.”

Formpipe’s strategy for continued growth in the Dynamics market is through its partner channels. These are typically IT and Consultancy companies that provide end-to-end services for the implementation of Dynamics projects. Such partners have made the decision to utilise the document input, output and reporting functionality, and require Lasernet expert services to work as an integrated part of the project team.

Mark added: “We are able to introduce August Bridge at the pre-sales stage with absolute confidence that their team can take on the project from this point right through to establishing service SLAs with the end-customer post go-live. With a robust and proven relationship between August Bridge and Formpipe we are able to focus our internal consulting team on key strategic projects, partner training and the creation of knowledge resources to support new releases and best practice guidance”.

“Yes, that sums it up perfectly,” said Nick. “August Bridge’s focus is firmly on the end user and providing the best possible service, we leave the software and the partner network in your capable hands. The two companies work alongside each other perfectly, there’s mutual respect and trust, it’s a relationship I look forward to seeing prosper in the years to come.”

So as the wise man once said, be the person others can trust, it looks like Formpipe and August Bridge have it sussed.

Offering you the very best support

Did you know our Support Portal is open 24/7 for you to log your technical queries? Once signed up, you will have complete access to our self service portal where you can use your account to raise support tickets and track their status.

This service is for technical support only and all other questions such as general enquiries, meeting requests and contractual information must be directed through your August Bridge contact.

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