Start with a plan

Stacked suitcases

Imagine your beloved is standing in front of you. If you don’t have a beloved, you not only need to imagine this person standing in front of you, but you also have to invent an imaginary beloved. You can do that.

He or she is standing in front of you and says: “Darling, I’ve got a surprise for you. We are going on a holiday. I have arranged everything. All your business engagements and private appointments have been cancelled. Everybody knows and they are all happy for you. Go pack your suitcase.” You are so excited that for a moment you are transfixed and unable to speak. You just stand there, gape-mouthed and with tears of joy in your eyes. “What are you waiting for? We are leaving in fifteen minutes,” your beloved says.

You pull your suitcase from under the bed and put in some clothes and other things you need for your dream holiday. Swimwear, shorts, sunglasses, and the Swahili Mini Dictionary that has been waiting in your bookcase for ten years. About an hour later you are at the airport. Your beloved urges you to hurry. ‘Come on, the plane to our ski resort leaves in a few minutes.”

At August Bridge it sometimes happens that customers pack a suitcase in a hurry, and just put in everything they think they need. If it turns out later that the plane is heading in another direction, they can always pull out their swimwear and put in their ski suit. At least that is what they seem to think.

And that is possible. You only need to ask the pilot to turn around because you have decided you need other clothes. The pilot is happy to do so if you are flying with an expensive private jet.

Our proposal is a bit boring and takes more preparation. Nevertheless, here is some advice: start with a plan. Not just for that holiday in Africa or your winter sports holiday, but also for arranging your documents. Start with a plan, or in this case, with a functional design.

This may be the moment when you shrug your shoulders, because to you it is obvious that you start with a functional design. Moreover, it is a piece of cake to write things down. How complex can it be to determine what needs to be put on, for example, an invoice? Or where to put it.

If that is all pretty obvious to you, short instructions for such a functional design will do. “Pack your suitcase, we are going on a holiday.”