This will pass. We will not.


A flying start is no guarantee of a flawless flight. It is one of the lessons we learned from August Bridge in recent weeks. We are not happy about it, but at the same time we are optimistic. We like to share that optimism with you.

August Bridge was to start the day after tomorrow with an informal drink. We were looking forward to it and considered it a pleasant interruption in a period of busyness. For, apart from the fact that we were establishing our consultancy office in the field of Output Management within Microsoft Business Applications, we had our hands full with a well-filled order portfolio.

August Bridge got off to a flying start, partly thanks to our customers and partners.

We are not going to bore you with the effects of the corona crisis on our young company. You can probably imagine all sorts of things, since you may be struggling with similar problems yourself. And if not, you know someone who can relate. However, at the moment there are more serious problems than our business worries. Our thoughts are with the people who are ill now and their loved ones.

As mentioned, we are optimistic despite the corona crisis. On the one hand, because we still have our hands full with projects and we can also do a lot of work from home. On the other hand, because we can see how people, organisations, governments and companies are there for each other right now.

But what makes us even more positive is the realisation that this crisis will pass. In that respect, the corona crisis is different from previous periods of economic downturn. Whether through immunity or a vaccine, the Netherlands and the world will recover.

This corona crisis will pass. You and we will not. You, us, your company and our company – we will still be here when this virus is history. We are relying on that.