Martijn Lemahieu, Ardo

'Lasernet is so usefull'

If there weren’t so many other things Martijn Lemahieu needs to do, the Application Engineer from the Belgium company Ardo would love to devote more time to Lasernet.

The Flemish company Ardo produces high quality fresh frozen vegetables, herbs and fruit that are delivered worldwide, in a sustainable way, with respect for people and the environment. Ardo has sites in nine countries, including the Netherlands. Martijn is Application Engineer at the headquarters in Ardooie, a village in West Flanders.

Benefits of lasernet

In that capacity in 2017 he was introduced to Lasernet, which was then implemented by Formpipe in 2018. “A great tool that provides a flexible way to get data into a document and to deliver these data to the right place, either manually or automatically,” Martijn sums up the benefits of Lasernet.

During the implementation he not only got to know Formpipe, but also Bart Koopman of that company. When Bart and Monique de Wit established August Bridge, Martijn didn’t hesitate to cross that bridge as well. “Nothing has changed for Ardo and me. Formpipe was my sounding board and now August Bridge is my sounding board.”

Very customer-focused

“August Bridge is so much more than a discussion partner,” Martijn says. “Recently there was an upgrade to a newer version of Lasernet and I am very happy to let August Bridge take care of that.” Thanks to that upgrade Lasernet now perfectly combines with AXtension, another ISV plugin for D365 Martijn offers support for.

Even though August Bridge is quite capable of managing such a large update – outside office hours to accommodate the customer – Martijn loves to be right on top of it. For example, he was involved in testing. “I just like to do a lot of the work myself. I want to understand the software I am responsible for, which is also nice for my internal customers as it saves time if I carry out the adjustments myself.”

No customization

And there are a lot of adjustments. Ardo has a lot of products, product groups, sites and countries, and there are customer-specific requirements regarding order confirmations, delivery notes and invoices. Despite that wide variety Ardo attaches great value to a uniform and recognizable identity. Lasernet offers that possibility and Martijn does most of the work himself. “And without customization in Dynamics 365,” he adds.

Apart from saving time Martijn has another reason to do a lot of the work himself. “It is such a joy to work with Lasernet. It isn’t software end users should potter with, and I am the only one at Ardo who has in-depth knowledge about it, but it is really fantastic to use. It’s a pity I cannot make more time for it. But there are other things I need to do. With my ICT and D365 knowledge I offer support to the Finance colleagues, I am the expert for AXtension, and I act as troubleshooter.” 

Do more myself

Isn’t it risky that multinational Ardo only has one Lasernet expert? “No, we have August Bridge. And they know even more about Output Management than I. Which is why once in a while I meet up with August Bridge.” He smiles and adds: “Invariably after those meetings I can and want to do even more of the work myself.”