Mike Rogers, Formpipe

'It's all about relations'

You would almost think Formpipe and August Bridge are an identical twin. Ask people from both companies what typifies them and you get the same answer.

What’s the secret of success for August Bridge? “Relations,” Monique de Wit and Bart Koopman say in unison. Mike Rogers of Formpipe gives exactly the same answer. “Relations, relations – that’s what it’s all about.”

Mike is commercial director Private Sector at Formpipe Software, the company behind Lasernet. The company has its own consultants, but they focus on partner companies, not on end users. “Our focus is on the product”, Mike sums up. “For implementation at the client’s site we use external consultants.” Like those of August Bridge.

Though Formpipe is fond of all its external consultants, the relationship with August Bridge is rather special. “I have known Monique and Bart for years, before August Bridge was established”, Mike explains. “Until last spring we were colleagues at Formpipe, which is why I am really pleased and confident when I introduce them to our clients. I know what they and their employees are worth.”

August Bridge was in for a pleasant surprise. A few months ago, it was agreed they would only operate in the Benelux, but via Mike they also won projects in the United Kingdom.

And this is only the beginning. Mike thinks August Bridge will have a great future. “The expertise Monique, Bart and their colleagues offer is scarce. The trick lies not in obtaining business, but in employing the right consultants for your company. In finding and retaining professionals, like Monique and Bart themselves.”

What kind of professionals are we talking about? “People who are not just experts in their field, but who are able and willing to invest in relations. Of course Lasernet is a top product, but ultimately it is about building and strengthening relationships. That’s the secret of success for Formpipe. And therefore also the success factor of August Bridge.”

Monique has been listening rather timidly. “What more can I say?” Bart: “Nothing, Monique. Absolutely nothing.”